Business to Employee (B2E)

Online shopping is very popular these days. Due to quick availability of the products and services via internet makes business fast with curiosity of new products in less time. Customer experience a virtual shopping with latest websites and new technologies. The customer is a person who buys the products and services from a specified company.

This is an era of information technology and media communication, which finally bridged the gaps between shoppers and Shoppe. More and more people in their daily life uses computer. This enables them to select different products with different pricing. Thinking on the behavior of the customer companies is trying their latest products.

B2E (Business to Employee) is the type of Ecommerce which means that business companies concentrate on their own employees rather than market dependency. It is also known as intranet. This means the basic focus of business on the employees rather than other consumers. It is a kind of portal available for everyone within the organization. For the benefits of employees, these portals are designed in such a way that it not only full fills the questionnaire of employees and even solve the tedious obstacles. Business to Employee provides all the necessary details that would be generated in his mind. Therefore, this portal will ultimately help the employee to interact with the necessity availability.
Employee can use this portal as internet. Therefore, it is a safer way to extract even personal information.

Which way customer goes no body knows?

So let’s concentrate on E-commerce to know more about e2c?

Any transaction of business through internet is regarded as E-commerce. It is also called electronic commerce.

Different types of E-commerce in which B2E is already expressed above.

*Business-to-Business is a form of E-commerce in which companies doing business with each other in such a way that manufacturers sells to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers and from retailers to customer in this way sequence in going on . Pricing depends upon the quality and quantity of product with negotiable with order prospects.

*Business-to-Consumer is a form of E-commerce that makes a quick decision while making which products or services are purchased from a firm or company. This is transaction between organizations to a customer. This selling frequently happened through catalogs, e-shops and other marketing tools.

*Consumer-to-Consumer is a form of E-commerce in which third party involvement to make sales that involves the electronically facilitated transactions between consumers.

*G2G (Goverment-to-Goverment)

*G2B (Goverment-to-Bussines)

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